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Mother’s Day Get Away!

We cannot fight the fact that we all know Mothers have the most daunting task of all our family members. Always taking care and looking after everyone else in the family, it is hard if not impossible to find a moment for themselves. Although ...

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Why BRAVE the winter when you can ENJOY it!

Although spring is right around the corner I know all of you folks north of Florida are still enduring Seven Eagle Pool enjoying a cocktail and high of 85 degrees. The Resort is booming! Every day while driving through the resort I notice how...

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Be My Sunny Valentine!

Valentine’s Day Getaway
With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I know that not only myself but a ton of people are frantically thinking of how they are going to surprise their significant other and make this year one for the books...

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Thinking of Visiting Florida… How About Owning?

Are you looking for a place to start your annual vacation with family and friends? If so, look no further and ask yourself a few questions. What would it be like owning in one of the most prestige resorts in the Disney Corridor with amenities c...

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Jack Niklaus- happy 75th Golden Bear

When I hear Golden Bear There is only one thing that comes to my mind… Jack Nicklaus! Born today 75 years ago, Jack has achieved some of the best accolades one can receive in the game of golf. Among many amazing things he also rises above t...

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Reunion Resort… The Place to Be!

As winter kicks in at full force what better place to be than Reunion, Florida! With average temperatures in the winter months ranging from 72 to 75, it is a great place to escape the cold and enjoy all of the amenities the resort has to offe...

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